Nathalie Diserens is a multifaceted Swiss artist known for her works in which she
combines craft techniques such as carving, sewing and embroidery with painting and
She got her master's degree in Ethnology and Arabic at the University of Zurich.

During her studies, including fieldwork in Senegal, she discovered her passion for the crafts and mythological traditions of foreign cultures and then developed her own mythologies through art, mostly from a feminist perspective.

Born 1974 in Baden, Nathalie Diserens lives and works in Zurich.



2021: Co-Kuration BA Fine Art Degree show ZHDK, Zürich Manegg

2021: Summerschool ZHDK, Social Art

2021: Residency Fondazione Bick, Ticino

2020: Organisation, curation and participation exhibition PAPERWORK, Zürich Manegg

from 2008: fine art professional and curator of different projects

2006: MA Short film about three artist groups in the context of the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Dakar, Senegal

2004: 3-month field research in Dakar, Senegal

1997–2006: Study of Ethnology, Media Science and Arabic at the Universität Zürich / Goethe Institut Damaskus / Universität Wien

Specialisations: Visual anthropology, art anthropology, traditional and contemporary art in Africa, mythologies in different cultures, alchemy in Arabic texts

1990–1995: Liceo Artistico Zürich

Born 1974 in Baden AG, lives and works in Zurich



2024: Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG


2021: Coronastipendium der Stadt Zürich



+41 79 757 56 34


Nathalie DiserensBernerstrasse Nord 180
8064 Zürich

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